And then the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk to bloom. —Anais Nin


This fall of 2009 I had the good fortune of participating in three months of silent Vipassana retreat in Massachusetts. 

Plenty of people ask me if I missed talking (or movies or books or sex or meat...) but  I wouldn't say that the missing of any of that was truly central to my experience. Rather, what I missed most was connecting with humanity. Eye contact. Hearty laughing out loud. Hugs and more hugs. Feeding people.  Loving people. Expressing that care. 

I also learned that there are way more ways to wake up than sitting and walking and sitting and walking for over 14 hours a day.  So here I am, back in the world, dancing, hooping, baking, and yes, driving and recycling, consuming and rewriting web pages... all part of the fodder du jour for waking up to what it means to be alive and in a body.

In my work of these past 18 years with bodies, movement and mindfulness, I have come to see how prevalent the topic of sexuality is in the minds of humans and just how rare the topic is  addressed in the mindfulness community, in and beyond the retreat setting. In 2005 I went back to school to deepen my own experience and get certified in the State of California to work with people as a Somatic Sex Educator. These past years have been rich and I have been privvy to witness, to learn and to bow to what men have shared with me. 

Alas, I find myself refreshed and back in the Bay area, poised to hold space and welcome questions, curiosities and explorations around the topic of sexuality and mindfulness.  What does mindfulness have to do with sexuality and how can we not only talk about this topic, but explore and find out first hand, what it means in ones' own experience. 

My work at this time is to specifically work with men who already have mindfulness practices in place, or men with a deep desire, the time and the commitment to incorporating such practices into their lives as they explore what it means to awaken fully in a body.   

This February and March 2010 I'll be interviewing men with practices in mindfulness. Find out more toward the bottom of the FAQ/RESOURCE page of this website.  If you don't yet have a mindfulness practice, talk to me about possible resources and places to begin. 

Thank you for your precious life.  And please contact me if something within these pages moves you toward waking up and/or being more present in your body and in the world.

In delight,


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May any healing generated from this work go to those in need, those who are suffering or those who don’t have the privilege or freedom to do these practices. Namaste.

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